Company Sponsorship document requirements

Indonesia is one of the best places to build a business. For foreign nationals to work or invest in Indonesia they will require a Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) or Permanent Residence Permit (KITAP).

To get a work or investor Visa / KITAS,  you must have a company to sponsor you and provide the required company documents (we can act as your sponsor or you may find your own).

Below are the requirements :

  • Company deed of establishment and its amendments (if any)
  • Approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLHR) of company sponsor / SK Kehakiman Pendirian Perusahaan dan Perubahannya (if any)
  • Tax Registration Number (NPWP) of companysponsor
  • NIB (Business Registration Number) – OSS
  • Ijin Lokasi (Location Permit) – OSS (Online Submission System)
  • Ijin Usaha (Bisuness License) – OSS (Online Submission System)
  • BPJS Kesehatan – BPJS Ketenagakerjaan OSS (Online Submission System)
  • ID Card (KTP) and Family Register (KK) of the Indonesian Director of company sponsor as Guarantor, or passport of foreign Director.
  • Blank papers with the company’s letterhead and Company Stamp.
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